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Classic Natto & Rice.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I made my latest batch of natto last week & posted a "How to make natto" article on the blog - I hope you liked it if you saw it.

Now that I've got a nice stash of the sticky superfood prepared, I'm ready to provide some ideas for how to use it to create some tasty and very healthy dishes. I'm starting with the "classic" way to eat natto - with a bowl of steamed white rice - this is widely eaten for breakfast in Japan but don't let that stop you eating it for lunch or supper! Whenever you do choose to eat natto, it's packed full of protein, iron, minerals, vitamins, dietary fibre and friendly bacteria for your lower gut - it is soooo good for you! What's more, this recipe takes no time at all and is a delicious way to enjoy an authentic Japanese umami flavour - you can serve this dish in two bowls (natto + rice) or pile the natto mix on top of your bowl of rice (like in the picture above). If you want to serve this at dinner set, just add a bowl of miso soup. If you want to do it really old school, then crack a raw egg and a little yellow mustard into your natto and give it all a good mix before piling onto your rice. You can find the Youtube video tutorial by clicking Classic Natto and rice. Why not give it a whirl!

Happy cooking, Kurumi XXXX.

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