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Baked Matcha Cheesecake

Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Cook Time:

40 Minutes


8 Servings



About the Recipe

I'll admit that this recipe took several attempts before I got it just right but I think you will agree that it was well worth the effort. This makes for a delicious, rich cheesecake that is ideal to share with friend over a cup of tea or coffee. It's at its very very best when still a little warm.


130g digestive biscuits

50g butter

15cm cake tin with removable bottom

greaseproof paper

250g cream cheese (full fat, room temperature)

80g caster sugar

2 eggs

100ml double cream

20g plain flour

2 tbsp matcha powder

extra matcha powder for topping


line the base & sides of a 15cm cake tin with greaseproof paper

break the biscuits into a food processor and blend into crumbs (you can also break them in a plastic bag and break with a rolling pin)

heat your oven to 180’C/350 F 

put the biscuit crumbs into a bowl, add the melted butter and mix well

put the crumb mixture into the bottom of the lined tin, press the crumb down with the back of a spoon to form a firm base

next, put the cream cheese in a mixing bowl, add the sugar and whisk together well

add the beaten egg to the cheese mixture and whisk again

then, add the double cream and whisk really well

mix the plain flour with the matcha powder in a bowl, then add the matcha flour to the cream mixture a little at a time - keep mixing until you have a smooth blend

pour the mixture into the lined cake tin and bake at 180’C/350F  in a preheated oven for 40 mins

at the end of the cooking time, check the middle of the cake with a skewer - if the centre of the cake is still a little wet, return to the oven for a further 5 minutes

when ready, remove from the over and cool for 10-20 mins in a tin, then remove from the tin

sprinkle the extra matcha powder over the top of the cheesecake

your baked matcha cheesecake is ready to serve. it is best eaten  within 24 hours

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