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Kai brand Seki Magoroku Ginju sashimi / fish knife

An excellent sashimi knife inspired by the legendary sword makers of Seki, Japan.

Kai brand Seki Magoroku Ginju sashimi / fish knife

The swordsmiths of the ancient Japanese town of Seki were reputed to make some of the best swords in Japan. Inspired by the traditional techniques and skills of the Seki artisans, Kai have produced a range of excellent kitchen knives - the Magoroku Ginju, inspired by Seki's most famous blade. This one is the sashimi /fish knife (sashimi bocho). The blade is 180mm/7.0 inches long making it perfect for prepping, cutting and filleting raw fish. If you enjoy eating fish raw and cooked, look no further - this is the knife for you.

Made in Japan.

Current availability: UK.

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