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Berry Fruit Sando

Prep Time:

25 Minutes

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

Here's another Japanese sando idea. As long as the fruit is drained of any excess liquid, you can put just about any fruit into a sando and they all turn out to be extremely yummy. In this recipe, I experimented with a blend of whipping cream and ricotta cheese for a little extra richness. As I said, naughty but nice....


4 thin slices of soft white bread

70g blueberries, rinsed

120g raspberries, rinsed

130ml whipping cream

2 tbsp ricotta

1 tbsp sugar


whisk the cream until it holds firm peaks

add the ricotta & sugar, then whisk again briefly to mix

cut the crusts from the bread

spread 1/4 of the cream onto each slice

place the raspberries & blueberries on one slice but leave a 

cross shape in the middle - about the width of 2 berries side by side

place one slice on top of the other, press down lightly to form your sando

slice the sando into quarters carefully

open the sando and set each quarter on end to expose the sides without fruit

finally push more berries into the cream

serve with tea or coffee

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