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Burger Musubi

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

15 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

This is a recipe for when you want to serve your burger a little differently. I used ready made beef burgers and Kikkoman teriyaki sauce for this recipe to keep it quick. But you can use any type really - fresh or frozen or home made burgers.

Remember that you have to use Japanese short grain rice to form your musubi as it is very sticky variety which is what you need so that the musubi holds it shape. You will also need a cheap musubi mould which you can buy cheaply online from Amazon etc.

I use also have a r


makes 4 burger musubi:

400g / 14oz cooked Japanese rice (to make 8 musubi halves)

2 quarterpounder burgers 

1 tbsp vegetable oil

2 tbsp teriyaki sauce

2 slices of cheese

2 sheets of nori

some mayo

1 small bowl of cold water

1 musubi mould


Cook your burgers according to the instraction on the pack. (I fried m in a dry pan for 10 minutess each side over a medium heat.)

Meanwhile, dip your musubi mould in a bowl of water, so that the rice won't stick to it.

Take 2 heaped tbsp of your cooked Japanese rice and put it in the mould.

Use a spoon to tamp the rice roughly into shape. Next, press the rice into the mould firmly using the mould lid. Last, use the spoon again to gently push your first rice "bun" out of the mould onto a plate.

(You will need to make 7 more of these rice buns for 4 burger musubi.)

Once you have finished making your rice musubi, heat 1/2 tbsp of vegetable oil in a second frying pan. Gently slide the musubi into the pan and fry on each side until lightly browned, which should take only 1 or 2 minutes. Set aside.

Going back to your burgers, add 1 tbsp of teriyaki sauce to each burger. Flip the burger over and coat it well in the teriyaki sauce.

Cut each burger in half.

Fold the 2 sheets of nori in half lengthways and cut into 4, smaller sheets.

Cut the 2 slices of cheese into 4 pieces, each the same size as the 1/2 burgers.

Now, to assemble your burger musubi, spread some mayonnaise over one side of each rice bun. Place a 1/2  burger onto one of the rice buns, then place 1/2 a slice of chedder cheese onto the burger. Next, place a second rice bun onto the top.

Finally, wrap your burger musubi with a nori sheet and you are done.

Repeat 3 more times for 4 burger musubi. Serve immediately

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