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Okonomiyaki with bacon

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

There are hundreds if not thousands of specialist okonomiyaki shops all over Japan. If you were eat a an okonomiyaki in a shop, you would have it fried in front of you on a flat steel griddle. But okonomiyaki works equally well in a frying pan at home. This recipe shows you how.


150g / 6 oz sweet pointed cabbage (or any soft cabbage variety)

2 spring onions

50g / 1.75 oz carrot

4 bacon rashers

1/2 cm piece ginger

130g / 4.5 oz self raising or plain flour

1 tsp Japanese dashi stock granules

150ml / 5.25 fl oz water

1 egg

1 -2 tbsp vegetable oil


okonomiyaki or brown sauce


katsuobushi/bonito flakes


chop the cabbage into small chunks

finely slice the spring onion

finely shred the carrot & the ginger

put all the vegetables in a bowl and set aside

in another bowl, combine the self raising flour, Japanese dashi stock granules, water & egg and mix eveything thoroughly

next, add the flour/dashi batter to the vegetables and mix thouroughly again

heat 1 tbsp oil in a frying pan

add 1/2 the okonomiyaki mixture, spreading it out to form your first pancake. add two bacon rashers on top

cook over a medium heat with the lid on the pan for 4 - 5 minutes

carefully turn your pancake over and cook with the lid on for a further 4 minutes. your first okonomiyaki is now ready

repeat the method for your second okonomiyaki

place each okonomiyaki on a plate and drizzle over the brown sauce & mayo. top with the bonito flakes

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