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Miso Mayo Cod steaks

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

I love Atlantic cod - bigger and with softer flesh that their Pacific cousins, they make an ideal fish to use miso and mayo flavours like in this dish. What's more, with its supporting act of broccoli spears, baby tomatoes and sugar snaps, it's healthy and ready in less than 30 minutes.


400g cod steak

4 tbsp “kewpie” mayonnaise*

2 tbsp miso

140g broccoli spears

80g sugar snap peas

1/2 salt

8 baby tomatoes

1 tbsp finely chopped spring onion for garnishing

an ovenproof dish

*kewpie is a japanese branded mayo - if you can’t find it,  use a light mayo as a subsititute


to make the miso-mayo, mix the mayonnaise and miso together well

next, put the cod in an oven proofed dish and dress the tops with the miso-mayo

heat your oven to 200 C / 390 F  and bake the cod for 15-20 minutes

meanwhile, blanch the sugar snaps & broccoli for 2 mins in salted boiling water, then drain

when the fish is ready, 

lay a bed of broccoli & sugar snaps on each plate

top with a baked miso-mayo cod steaks and garnish with the tomatoes & chopped spring onion

serve with a bowl of steamed rice

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