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Aubergine katsu

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Cook Time:

4 minutes


2 servings



About the Recipe

Aubergine is used a lot in Japanese cuisine usually in fried or baked form. Aubergine is a healthy calorie lite option and is suitable to vegetarians and vegans. It is simple to prepare and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes from prep to plate. I used one large aubergine here for two katsu servings along with other dishes. If you wished to serve this as a one plate lunch or supper, you could use one large aubergine per person (each person getting 2 katsu). If you want to try this out as a katsu curry, just press on the button below for my aubergine katsu curry recipe.


1 aubergine

salt & pepper

80ml water

40g plain flour

40g “panko” breadcrumbs

1/2 lemon for garnishing

Bull-Dog sauce

veg oil for deep frying

kitchen paper


cut off both ends of the aubergine and cut in half lengthways

sprinkle some salt onto the flesh, then stand for 10 mins (this reduces the bitter tang) 

rinse the salt away

mix the flour & water into a paste

sprinkle some pepper over the aubergine flesh

coat the aubergine with the flour mixture then, roll it in the breadcrumbs

fill a pan 2-3cm of veg oil and heat to 180C / 350C F 

deep fry the aubergine for about 2 mins, turn and deep fry for another 2 mins

when the aubergine is golden in colour, remove from the pan to drain on some kitchen paper

drizzle with Bull-Dog sauce & garnish with the lemon wedges before serving

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