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Katsu Sando

Prep Time:

20 minutes

Cook Time:

10 minutes


2 servings



About the Recipe

Japanese sandwiches (or "sando" as the locals call them) are a subject in their own right. Unlike a Western sandwich, Japanese sando are made exclusively with white bread and the crusts are always removed. Of course, no self respecting tonkatsu would be complete without a little heap of shredded lettuce so that goes in the sando too along with some brown sauce and mustard. Wrapped in a paper serviette or some greaseproof, this recipe makes a great lunchbox filler or picnic.


1 medium egg

40 - 50g / 2 oz panko breadcrumbs

40g / 1.8 oz  plain flour

about 2.5 cm /1 in of cucumber

4 - 6 small lettuce leave

2 thin boneless pork loin steaks

salt & pepper

4 thin slices of white bread

some English mustard

Japanese Bull-dog sauce

some vegetable oil for frying

a sheet of cling film


break the egg into a bowl and beat well

thinly cut the cucumber into 8 - 10 slices

season the pork loin steaks with salt & pepper on both sides

cover the pork steak with the sheet of cling film, then lightly tenderise using the back of a kitchen knife

coat each pork steak in the plain flour. then coat in the  beaten egg before coating them with the panko breadcrumbs

heat about 2cm /1 in of vegtable oil in a saucepan to 170 C / 338 F

fry your first tonkatsu for about 2-3 miinutes until the coating has turned a light golden brown

turn the tonkatsu over, adjust the heat if the oil goes over 180C / 350 F. fry the ktsu for another 2-3 minutes (depending on the thickness of pork steak you are using)

remove the katsu and rest on a rack. repeat for the second tonkatsu

once both your tonkatsu are ready, take 4 slices of bread and remove the crusts (you can retain these if you prefer but an authentic katsu sando has no crusts)

spread the English mustard over one slice of the bread, then place the tonkatsu on the mustard

next, spread some brown sauce or Japanese Bull-dog sauce over the tonkatsu

dress with the sliced cucumber and  lettuce leaves and top with the second slice of bread

repeat for your second sandwich

serve immediately

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