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Pork sauce katsudon

Prep Time:

20 minutes

Cook Time:

10 minutes


2 servings



About the Recipe

I think you get the picture...tonkatsu sliced and served donburi style in a bowl of rice - pork katsudon. the sauce part has to be Bulldog brown sauce (but only if you're Japanese - otherwise feel free to use whatever tickles your fancy). Katsudon dishes are usually served on a bed of cabbage but as the cabbage here in the UK is quite a hard variety, I use shredded lettuce instead.


2 pork loin chops

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1 egg

40g plain flour

50g ‘panko’ breadcrumbs

150g lettuce*

450g cooked japanese rice

some Bull-Dog sauce

1/2 lemon

chopped parsley (optional)

cling film

some veg oil for deep frying

some kitchen paper

*shredded soft cabbage is always served with katsu in Japan, however the cabbage available in the uk tends to be quite a hard variety

, so I use lettuce instead.


shred the lettuce finely

place the pork loins on a chopping board and cover with cling film, then lightly tenderise on both sides using the back of a kitchen knife (this should stop them curling up when you deep fry)

remove the excess fat from the pork

coat the pork in the plain flour, then dip in the beaten egg & coat well with the breadcrumbs

heat 2cm of veg oil in a sauce pan, heat to 180’C and deep fry the “katsu” for 2 mins on each side

be sure to adjust the heat so the oil doesn’t get too hot

turn the “katsu”twice more and fry for 1 min more on each side

(you may need a little more or less frying time depending on the thickness of the pork)

to assemble the ‘katsudon”, put 1/2 the rice in a bowl & cover with a bed of lettuce

then, cut the “katsu” into 1cm slices and place it on the


garnish with lemon wedges & some chopped parsley then

drizzle with bull-dog sauce

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