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"Dashimaki" Rolled Omelette

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:

12 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

What do you get if you combine a standard Japanese tamagoyaki sweet rolled omelette with a little dashi stock, mirin and soy sauce? You get an irresistably smooth, soft egg dish that is perfect for a side, a bento, a lunch box, picnic or best of all, (guilty pleasure alert) all on its own. If you haven't made tamagoyaki before, don't worry - the technique isn't difficult to master even if you don't have on of those swish rectangular frying pans - just remember to keep your pan at a constant temperature and lighly oiled and you'll have the method down in no time!


3 medium eggs

3 tbsp japanese dashi stock

1 tbsp mirin

1 tsp soy sauce

2-3 tbsp veg oil

some cress for a garnish (optional)

1 sheet of kitchen paper, fold into a small rectangle

** in the video, I used a rectangular frying pan, but you can make  this omelette in a round frying pan as well


break the eggs into a bowl & remove any thick umbilical from the egg white (this is so that you can create the silkiest omelette)

beat the eggs well, then add & beat in the dashi stock, mirin & soy sauce

heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan, then pour the oil into a small bowl with the sheet of kitchen paper for later use, leaving just a little oil in the pan

pour 1/4 of the egg mixture into the frying pan. let the omelette semi-form, pricking out any bubbles

when the omelette has developed a "skin" underneath, use a slice to gently roll it to one end of the pan

next, use the oiled kitchen paper to re-oil the pan

move the omelette back to the other end of the pan and re-oil again

pour in a second ladle of the egg mixture, tucking some of it under the omelette roll (this will allow the two parts to blend together)

when the omelette is semi-formed, use the slice again to roll it to one end of the pan

oil the pan again using the kitchen paper,  roll the omelette back, then re-oil the pan again

repeat the same procedure twice more, using all the egg mixture - you should now have a thick omelette roll

turn off the heat and leave the omelette to cool for 10 mins before carefully sliding out of the pan. slice into 5 - 6 portions

sprinkle with some cress

serve as a side dish or part of a bento

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