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Japanese Savoury Egg Custard

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:

10 Minutes


4 Servings



About the Recipe

Whenever I am feeling a little under the weather and my appetite is a bit off, chawanmushi, (literally "steamy tea cups") tops my list for soft, soothing foods that'll make me feel better. The body of a chawanmushi is simply beaten egg and dashi stock, so the better the quality of your stock, the tastier this dish will be. I made this particular chawanmushi with some pieces of seafood stick, a little chicken, some prawns and shiitake mushrooms - it's like a little feast in a tea cup.


4 heatproof 200 ml cups or small bowls, preferably with lids  (you can use cling film instead of a lid if necessary)

330 mls japanese dashi stock*

2 medium eggs

1 tsp Japanese cooking sake

4 small shiitake mushrooms

60g chicken breast

4 seafood sticks

4 large fresh prawn

some salad cress

*if you are using dashi stock made using bonito, you may wish to add a 1/4tsp of salt to the recipe


cut the chicken into 4 chunks and halve the seafood sticks

break the eggs and whisk lightly in a bowl

add half of the stock and mix well. then add the other half of the stock and mix again

place the chicken, prawn, 2 pieces of seafood stick and shiitake mushroom in each cup

pour the egg mixture into the 4 cups evenly, then place a little cress on top of each cup

fill a large pan with enough water to cover the bottom 1/3 of the cups (this avoids over-cooking and getting water inside the cups as the contents cooks)

cover the cups with their lids (or cling film in which case you need to pierce a hole in each clingfilm lid)

when the water comes to the boil, place the cups in the pan

cook for 8-10 minutes over a medium high heat

turn off the heat and leave to stand for 2-3minutes before removing from the pan

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