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Quail Egg Croquettes

Prep Time:

25 Minutes

Cook Time:

15 Minutes


2 - 3 Servings



About the Recipe

I grew up in the sixties and whenever my family went on a picnic, we were sure to find my mother had made a few of these to keep us going through the dy. I still use my mum's recipe today just for the occasional lunchtime trip down memory lane. If you wish to do so, by all means omit the pork - simply add another 100g of potato to the recipe.


6 quail’s eggs

300g potatoes

50g onion

100g minced beef

a little salt & pepper

1 tsp dried parsley

40g plain flour

1 egg, beaten

50g panko breadcrumbs

veg oil for deep frying


boil the quail’s eggs for 4 minutes. peel & set aside

peel & cut the potatoes into thick slices. put the slices in a pan of cold water & boil for 10-12 mins or until softened then drain and set a side

fry the onion in 2 tsp of vegetable oil, add the minced beef and fry until browned

mash the potato in a bowl, add the fried onion & beef and the parsley & mix together well

season with salt & pepper and mix again

divide the mixture into 6 portions

coat the 6 boiled quail's eggs with plain flour, then push each egg into a single portion of the potato mixture and form into a small ball

coat the balls with plain flour, then the beaten egg before rolling in the panko breadcrumbs

put 2cm of veg oil in a pan, heat to 170 C / 340 F and deep fry the balls, turning occasionally until lightly browned - this should only take 3 - 4 minutes - concentrate on getting a light golden finish - you don't need to worry about the contents as everything is already cooked

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