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Prep Time:

10 Weeks

Cook Time:

Simmered daikon with sweet miso sauce




About the Recipe

Daikon seem quite happy to start their lives in a little shade - what they really love is a rich loose earth. In the photo you can see the difference between one I grew in fresh compost mix one a raised bed and one I grew in old, harder earth in a low bed. Simple rule, the softer and richer the earth, the longer and striaghter your daikon. I've never had a problem growing daikon from late spring - they seem to tolerate most weather as long as you keep them moist.


1 packet daikon seeds

15cm pots

potting compost



place 3 - 4 seeds in each pot

cover the seeds with a little more potting compost, then mist well with water

after 10 days, the seeds should have germinated. keep the plantlets well watered

you can plant the seedlings out when there’s no chance of frost . ensure that the soil is rich and deep and keep well watered

prick out and discard the slower growing plants to give the stronger ones plenty of room to grow.  keep well watered - your daikon will tolerate hot sun but will not thrive in dry soil

your daikon should be ready to harvest after 9 - 10 days. daikon flowers when the root reaches maturity. ideally you should pick before flowering to enjoy daikon at its best.

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