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Prep Time:

12 weeks

Cook Time:

Edamame salad




About the Recipe

Edamame AKA baby soya beans are a summer treat in Japan. People dream idly of visiting and onsen (hot spa), getting into a hot spring water bath and then kicking back with a cold beer and a little bowl of these salted babies. But you can enjoy edamame in your home too - growing them in your garden isn't difficult - all they need is a lot of water and lots of warm sun (a greenhouse makes them very happy). Just a little TLC and you'll be harvesting your edamame in no time.


edamame seeds

some small pots (10 - 15cm diameter)

some compost


fill your pots with good quality, fresh potting compost. plant 1 edamame seed per pot at about 2cm / 1 inch depth. cover with another 2 cm of compost and sprinkle with a little water

leave in a warm sunny spot indoors for 2 - 3 weeks and keep the compost moist but not wet. your seedlings should start to appear around now.

6 - 8 weeks after they have appeared, the seedlings will be ready to pot on or move out to a vegetable patch. if you pot on, the pot should be at least 30cm deep and free draining (I use a mix of fresh compost and garden soil as a medium). the location should have the longest daily exposure to sun. (edamame need 4-6 hours of sun daily to grow well) invert the pot & transfer your seedings, bedding them down to force out any pockets of air. 


give the edamame some water and keep the soil moist but don’t again don't overwater

your edamame will be ready to harvest in 6 - 8 weeks depending on how much sun they are enjoying

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