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Prep Time:

6 Weeks

Cook Time:

Shiso & Mizuna salad




About the Recipe

Mizuna is most often compared to rocket in both taste and appearance. Taste wise, it has a similar flavour but I would say with more pepper. It will grow best in partial shade if it is kept well watered as it is quite prone to bolting during hot spells in summer.


1 packet mizuna seeds

1 seed tray filled with potting compost

extra potting compost



plant 3 - 4 seeds into each plug, pushing the seeds to a depth of  3 - 4mm / 1/8 inch deep with your finger tip

cover with a little extra compost

give the tray a good misting with water

keep indoors or in a greenhouse until germinated, misting if the compost appears to be drying out

keep the compost moist and when the seedlings are 3 -4 cm / 1.5 - 2 inches high, repot into larger pots with fresh compost

keep under cover and after 3 - 4 weeks, the plants should be around 10cm / 5 inches tall and developing a leaf system

at this stage you can plant out in beds or retain in pots. if the plant's leaf growth becomes wider than the pot, then pot on into a larger pot

after 3 - 4weeks, your first mizuna leaves should be ready to harvest. cutting mizuna leaves will stimulate regrowth so you’ll be able to harvest leaves several times

mizuna is a robust and fast growing plant, just keep the plant well watered especially during hot, dry  periods

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