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Wasabi rocket

Prep Time:

10 Weeks

Cook Time:

Vegetarian tempura




About the Recipe

This probably sounds gimmicky but this rocket (AKA ruccola or arugula) really does taste like wasabi. What' more wasabi rocket grows faster than its big brother, rocket. You can cut the levaes when they are young and get the purest wasabi flavour - or wait until the leaves are more mature when they'll have accents of wasabi and mustard. I use these leaves a lot on salads during the summer months. Plant them somewhere that's not exposed to full sun for long periods as I find that wasabi rocket does tend to bolt - a semi-shaded spot with a little water every day and your plant will reward you with lots of lovely wasabi tasting leaves all summer!


1 packet wasabi rocket seeds

some small pots

enough potting compost to fill the pots

(larger pots for planting later)

extra potting compost



fill some small growing pots 3/4 full with potting compost.

sprinkle 4-5 seeds per pot and lightly pat the seeds into the earth. cover with about 2cm of potting compost and keep the soil moist with water but not wet

place in a warm sheltered spot outside or if it’s cold, under cover or better, indoors. your seeds should germinate in about 7-14 days

in 3 - 4 weeks, you should be able to harvest the “baby” leaves or if you wish, pot on for larger plants (which I would recommend)

to pot on, replant 2 plants into a 30cm / 14 inch diameter pot.

place the pot somewhere sunny and keep your wasabi rocket well fed & watered

you can harvest fuller grown leaves 3-4 weeks later. the plant will continue to produce growth into early autumn

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