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Cheese & Ham Onigirazu

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

Just the same as a tasty, well made sandwich can make a great lunch or supper, my cheese & ham onigirazu is one of those great anytime, anywhere tummy fillers. Just wrap up this sustaining protein parcel in its greaseproof skin and you'll be ready for just about anything!


100g cooked rice

1 sheet of nori

2 slices of ham

1 slice of cheese (red leicester or a strong cheddar)

a handful of rocket

some mayo

30cm square sheet of greaseproof paper*

*greaseproof paper will keep the onigirazu fresh for a bento lunch box - If you are going to eat your onigirazu straight away you don’t need to use the paper (although it does look nice!


cut the ham slices in half

place the greaseproof paper on the chopping board, then place the nori on top

make a cut in the nori to the centre from the middle of the bottom

spread the rice over the right half of the nori, leaving a little less rice in the middle as this will help when you fold

next place the ham on the bottom half of the other side the nori, then the cheese on the top half

pile the rocket onto the cheese and squeeze some mayo over the rocket

now fold the ham onto the cheese, then fold the cheese & ham over the rice, then fold once again to form the onigirazu

wrap the onigirazu into a parcel using the greaseproof paper & use gentle pressure to form the onigirazu

cut in half with a sharp knife

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