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Egg & Avo Onigirazu

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

Egg, avo, rice and nori make for a very tasty and nutricious combination in this little parcel of goodness. Like my Cheese and Ham and Full English onigirazu. I use the new folding technique for this onigirazu, si I would advise at least one look at the video tutorial to undertsand how it is done.


100g cooked rice

1 boiled egg

1/2 small avocado

1/2 small lettuce leaf

2 tsp mayo

a little sriacha or chilli sauce

1 sheet of nori

approx. 30cm square sheet of greaseproof paper*

greaseproof paper will keep the onigirazu fresh for a bento lunch box - If you are going to eat your onigirazu straight away you don’t strictly need to use the paper (although it does look nice!)


mix the mayo and sriracha and set aside

cut the boiled egg into 4-5 slices and cut avocado into 5-6 slices and set aside

lay the nori onto the greaseproof paper on the cutting board, make a cut on one side of nori sheet to the centre

spread the rice over the right half of the nori following the cut

(leave a little less rice in the middle as this is where you will make a fold)

place the sliced boiled egg on the bottom left quarter of the nori, then place the sliced avocado on the top left

put the lettuce on the avocado, then spoon the mayo mixture on top

fold the egg over the avocado, next fold the egg & avo over the rice, then fold once more to complete your onigirazu

now wrap the onigirazu in the greaseproof paper and gently shape

cut in half using a sharp knife

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