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Salmon & Tuna Sushi bowl

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

A "donburi" in Japanese means a dish of meat, fish or vegetables served in a bowl on a bed of rice. This is a great way to serve sashimi if you don't have the time of inclination to make sushi rolls.


450g cooked Japanese rice

2 tbsp sushi vinegar

130g sashimi grade fresh salmon

130g sashimi grade fresh tuna

2 seafood sticks

3 small shiso/oba leaves (optional)

4 slices of cucumber

4 slices avocado


to make sushi rice, add the sushi vinegar to the rice in a large bowl when the rice is still warm and mix genetly with a large spoon or spatula in a slicing motion so that the vinegar is absrobed without mashing the rice

set aside to cool

(if not prepared by your fishmonger) using your sharpest knife, carefully slice the salmon and tuna thinly into 6-8 slices

cut the seafood sticks in half diagonally

shred the shiso/ oba leaves for garnishing

place 1/2 of the sushi rice in a serving bowl and arrange half of the sliced salmon onto the rice, then lay 2 slices of avocado next to the salmon

next, place half of the sliced tuna next to the avocado, then 2 slices of cucumber

lastly place 2 pieces of seafood stick on the rice

top with the shredded shiso/oba in the centre

repeat for your second serving

serve with soy sauce & wasabi

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