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Seafood stick & cucumber inside out rolls

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

If you find it difficult to source raw fish (or maybe raw fish just isn't your thing), this is an ideal recipe for creating inside out rolled sushi from ingredients you can buy cheaply in your supermarket or high street. (It also means you can learn to roll sushi and not stress out if you don't hit the spot first time.) If this is your first time or you just need to do a refresh, take a look at the video tutorial below.


200g cooked sushi rice

1 sheet of nori, halved

5 seafood sticks

1 cucumber

2 tsp of toasted black sesame seeds

1 sushi mat wrapped in cling film

a small finger bowl of water


cut the cucumber to size as the width of the nori sheet and then cut into thin strips

wet your hands & spread 1/2 the rice over a 1/2 nori sheet in a thin layer (or use a wet spatula to do this if you prefer)

sprinkle 1 tsp of sesame seeds over the rice and then turn the sheet over on the mat (this is why your sushi mat is wrapped in clingfilm)

place 2.5 seafood sticks lengthways on the nori sheet

place strips of cucumber either side of then seafood sticks

now to roll the sushi: 

using your thumbs roll the lower edge of the sushi mat over to form the sushi roll while keeping the contents in place with your index fingers if necessary

tuck the bottom of the nori sheet into the rice at the top and give the roll a little, light squeeze with your fingers to make sure it is well formed

repeat for your second roll

using a sharp knife, cut the sushi roll into 6 pieces, wetting your knife between cuts to stop the rice sticking to the blade

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