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Sushi cocktails

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


4 Servings



About the Recipe

I am not sure why but I have found out when I have catered for parties that people don't seems to like eating sushi standing up! Maybe it's the thought of spilling the soy sauce or dropping a sushi roll . I gave this some thought and came up with an idea that works - a sushi cocktail. Serving sushi in this way with a spoon has proved to be something of a hit - try it out and see for yourself


380g cooked japanese rice

4 large cocktail glasses

1 sheet of nori

2 tbsps sushi vinegar

2 tbsps fish roe

100g sushi grade tuna

100g sushi grade salmon

80g cucumber

2 shiso/oba leaves


prepare the sushi rice by gently mixing the sushi vinegar into the rice (use a large sppon or spatula and be careful not to mash the rice)

put equal amounts of rice into each cocktail glass

fold and cut the nori sheet into 8 pieces and then cut into shreds

finely chop the oba leaves

slice and cut the cucumber lengthways and then dice

repeat with the tuna and the salmon

sprinkle the nori over the rice

mix the cucumber and fish and spoon over the nori

garnish with the oba leaves and the fish roe

season with a little soy sauce (with wasabi if preferred) to taste

serve immediately

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