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Tamagoyaki large sushi rolls

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

I will warn you in advance that there is one problem with making this recipe. The tamagoyaki omelette tastes so good you might struggle not to eat it before you roll it into sushi! Once you have mastered this recipe you will possess two key Japanese cooking techniques - sushi rolling and making tamagoyaki omelette. I always advise you to take a look at the video tutorials.(There are two buttons below - one for making tamagoyaki and one for sushi rolling). These techniques are best understood visually. (PS: The written Tamagoyaki recipe can be found by clicking the button just below.)


1 japanese omelette cut into 10 strips lengthways

4 servings japanese sushi rice

7 sheets nori

14 cucumber sticks (cut to the same width as your nori sheet

21 seafood sticks

salad cress

a sushi mat

a cup of water mixed with a little sushi vinegar


lay a nori sheet on your sushi mat

spread a thin layer of rice onto the nori leaving a 2cm /3/4 inch strip of nori without rice at the top

arrange cucumber and egg across the rice close to the bottom, then seafood sticks, more cucumber and salad cress

using your thumbs, take the sushi mat by the bottom and roll it up and over the top edge until the roll is formed, using your index fingers to keep the contents of the roll in place

once you have assempled all your rolls,  dip a sharp knife into the vingared water to stop the rice sticking to the blade. slice each roll into 9 pieces

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