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Corned Beef Katsu

Corned beef Katsu in a ciabata roll served by kurumicooks easy to make delcicious healthy Japanese Asian and Fusion cooking for your kitchen

We all make errors of judgement. When my husband first suggested I make a katsu using corned beef, I thought..well, I thought a number of things, such as, "..duh, men.." & "..what does he know about cooking?" and "corned beef in a katsu..?" Well, I was wrong. I reluctantly tried this out and for sheer speed, convenience and taste, I'm not sure there is a katsu out there that beats this. Now, I admit, the thing is that to eat a corned beef katsu, you have to like corned beef. That's a good first step. Second, to eat a corned beef katsu, you have to be hungry - these are filling...very filling! But if you've ticked both of those boxes, I suggest you try this recipe out.

Why does corned beef in a katsu work so well? The panko breadcrumb coating adds a crispy crunch layer that contrasts with the soft corned beef. On top of that, the corned beef softens while the panko is frying, so you get even more texture contrast. The deep frying also releases more flavour - this is down to our taste buds being more sensitive to certain flavours at hotter temperatures - simply put, corned beef tastes better hot than cold!

It should take you no more than 15 minutes to create these corned beef katsu, so you'll have them plated and ready to gobble up in no time. Remember that the corned beef is ready to eat out of the tin so you only need to deep fry for as long as it takes the panko breadcrumbs to develop their signature golden colour. After that, the only thing you really need to decide is whether to season with mayo, brown sauce, ketchup or mustard.

So that's it. Read any blog primer and it will tell you that your blog posts needs to be at least 600 hundred words long but I believe when something works so well, there isn't really much to say - except...try out my Corned Beef katsu and see if I'm not right!

You can find the written recipe just below and for the Youtube tutorial click Corned Beef katsu or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.


Corned Beef katsu.


(makes 3 or 4 katsu - my advice is to go with 3 katsu per can)

1 can of corned beef (340g / 12 oz)

2 tbsp plain flour

1 large egg

60-70g / 2.25 oz panko breadcrumbs

some veg oil for shallow frying

3 or 4 ciabata rolls

mayo, brown sauce, ketchup, mustard

some salad leaves


how to:

open the can of corned beef, then carefully slide a knife in to loosen the meat - it needs to come out in one whole block

gently shake the corned beef out and stand it on one end. now cut 3 or 4 equal slices from the block (my advice is to go for 3 slices with this recipe as 4 katsu from one can of corned beef do become a little thin)

coat the corned beef slices liberally with the plain flour, remembering to coat the edges of the slices as well as the faces

now coat the slices in the beaten egg, again making well the whole of each slice is eggy before moving on to the next step

coat the corned beef slices all over with the panko breadcrumbs. make sure you get a good even coat

put 1.5 cm of oil in a frying pan and heat to 170C / 340F. (You can test with a little bit of breadcrumb - if it bubbles and rises to the top of the oil, you are good to go)

shallow fry the katsu until lightly brown, turn over and fry again until you have a nice uniform colour. remove and place on kitchen paper while you fry your other katsu

cut your ciabata rolls in half, place your corned beef katsu in the ciabata. plate up and serve with some salad leaves and season with a sauce of your choice.


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