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Halloween Gyoza.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

With halloween not far away, i've been thinking about a finger food to serve at a Halloween-themed party it is...Halloween gyoza.

These little lovelies have a filling that is mainly made from mashed Japanese kabocha pumpkin so they are a great food to serve up for veggies and vegans. I served these with some soy sauce but you could make a thicker dipping sauce and serve these as canapes at a stand up gathering as well.

I kept the gyoza wrapping simple - just a teaspoon of filling and a simple fold - that way, you can turn out 40-50 of these in under 10 mins. I deep fried the skins between 30-50 seconds - they don't take much cooking because the filling is already cooked. You just need to fry the skins until they are golden brown.

You'll need to test one of two as I find that cooking times vary based on the brand of gyoza skin that you use.

Halloween devils both little and large will love them!

If you want to try these out for Halloween, you can find the youtube tutorial by clicking Halloween Fried Gypza with Kabocha

Happy wrapping! Kurumi XXXX.

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