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Sakuraco - Delicious Japanese gift boxes.

Every now and again, I get approached to feature merchandise on my blog and Instagram channel. Most of the time, I turn these offers down - either the product is not connected to Japanese food and cooking or the product just isn't something I could honestly recommend to my readers. But once in a while, something comes along which hits the spot, being both relevant and a great idea. The Sakuraco Japanese gift box is one of those products.

The idea behind Sakaraco is to give buyers the opportunity to sample a wide variety of traditional Japanese snacks and cookies (about 20 in all) delivered to you from Japan. The snacks and cookies come from some of the many small, artisanal makers in Japan - the kind of makers you'd otherwise never have the opportunity to find without visiting Japan. Along with the snacks and cookies, Sakurco also supplies an item of Japanese chinaware, in this case a Marquetry Plate, ideal for serving your Japanese snacks.

Sakuraco changes the theme of their gift hamper monthly. The box shown above is their Flavours of Hakone gift hamper which sources its contents from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Inside the box, you'll find bags of rice crackers, biscuits, maccaroons, two "Hakone Story" tea bags, some small chocolates and some marshmallows. For those with more adventurous taste buds, there is even some white miso flavoured sweet cake and a bag of macha flavoured konyaku jellies. If you haven't already heard about the quality of Japanese confectionary and snack-making, you'll be convinced after you've tried some of the goodies in this box!

Sakuraco sell their Japanese gift hampers by subscription. You can buy a one-month subscription which means you'll get one box, up to a twelve-month subscription, meaning one hamper each month for twelve months. A gift hamper like this makes a great, unusual gift that's bound to delight anybody that's interested in Japan or just in trying different foods from around the world. Sakuraco gift boxes come very highly recommended!

If this article has got your mouth watering, you can buy a subscription via my site by clicking the following affiliate link: . (In the interests of of transparency, I receive a small commission for every subscription sold via

Happy snacking! Kurumi XXXX.

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