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Aubergine Katsu.

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Japanese aubergine nasu katsu in a panko breadcrumb crust drixxled with Bulldog braown sauce and served with salad leaves and a wedge of lemon by kurumicooks delicious easy to make healthy Japanese Asian and Fusion cooking for your kitchen

Aubergine ("Nasu" in Japanese, in case you were wondering), is a vegetable that the Japanese love. It's eaten a lot more in Japan than here in the UK. That's a shame because aubergines are full of good things - fibre, anti-oxidants and minerals - and they're ultra low in fat. Some people say they don't like the texture of aubergine but I think this recipe would persuade even the most ardent anti-aubergine agitator to change their ways - the breadcrumbs and the seasoning in this recipe lift the Aubergine Katsu to another level - really - you get the crunchy texture of the panko breadcrumb crust followed by the softness of the aubergine flesh - taste-wise you get the rich taste of the coating and the subtle almost fruity taste of the aubergine beneath. Try it out and I think it will quickly become one of your go to recipes for a light and healthy lunch or supper dish.

Of course, it is great for vegetarians and vegans as well.

Served with a salad of green leaves, I honestly don't think you can do aubergine more justice than this.

Are you keen to try this dish out? You can find the written recipe just below and for the Youtube tutorial click Aubergine Katsu or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.

You could pair this recipe with Tofu katsu for a bit of a non-meat katsu feast. You can find the recipe for tofu katsu here.


Aubergine Katsu


(makes 2 portions)

1 aubergine

salt & pepper

80ml water

40g plain flour

40g “panko” breadcrumbs

1/2 lemon for garnishing

Bull-Dog or brown sauce

veg oil for deep frying

kitchen paper


how to:

cut off both ends of the aubergine and then cut in half lengthways

sprinkle some salt onto the flesh, then stand for 10 mins (this reduces the bitter tang) before rinsing the salt away

mix the flour & water into a loose paste

sprinkle some pepper over the aubergine flesh

coat the aubergine with the flour mixture then, roll it in the breadcrumbs

fill a pan 2-3cm of veg oil and deep fry the aubergine, turning once

when the panko breadcrumb crust is golden in colour, remove the aubergine katsu from the pan to drain on some kitchen paper

repeat with the remaining aubergine pieces

your aubergine katsu are ready. garnish with Bull-Dog sauce & lemon wedges before serving


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