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Stir fried Lotus Root.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Japanese stir fried lotus root by kurumicooks tasty easy healthy Japanese Asian and Fusion cooking and food for your kitchen

My last post was titled, "a healthy Japanese feast" and featured Japanese grilled mackerel. Here's the vegetable recipe to accompany your fish dish- Stir fried Lotus Root. The Japanese are advised to eat an impressive 13 different vegetables every day and this dish provides 4 of them, including lotus root (renkon in Japanese). I don't know if you've tried lotus root before - if you haven't, it's healthy stuff - lotus root contains lots of good minerals like potassium & iron & vitamin C and B6 as well. It's also high in fibre and protein. Lotus root when cooked has a crunchy texture and a subtle, nutty flavour. You can buy lotus root in fresh & frozen forms. Once lotus root is peeled and cut, it oxidises very quickly so if you don't plan to use it quickly, put it in water with a little vinegar to slow the oxidation down.

You can stir fry lotus root like I do here, or you can blanche it, simmer it, stew it or steam it - you can also use it for tempura - it really is quite versatile. It isn't something you can eat raw however. You can find my video tutorial for this recipe on the right and for the written recipe is click Stir fried Lotus Root. I'll be posting a third dish for your healthy Japanese feast early next week.

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.

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