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Shisomiso and Natto Onigirazu.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Shisomiso and natto onigirazu wrapped rice parcels by kurumicooks easy tasty healthy Japanese Asian and Fusion food and cooking for your kitchen

You might remember I posted an item on making shisomiso a couple of weeks ago. I put some of it to good use in some onigirazu, paired with chicken & spinach - super healthy & very tasty. At the same time, I also made some onigirazu using natto & spring onion - very yum also. These are great mainstays for a healthy lunch box, a picnic or just as a snack if you are on the go and in need of a nutricious energy boost. The great thing about onigirazu is that there is no end to the fillings you can use. What are your onigirazu favourites? - I'd love to know - Why not send me a photo and a description and I'll post it on the blog! You can find the written recipes by clicking Shisomiso and Chicken Onigirazu & Natto & Spring onion Onigirazu.

You can watch the Youtube video tutorials by clicking Shisomiso and Chicken Onigirazu & Natto & Spring Onion Onigirazu.

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.

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