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Simmered Hijiki.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Simmered hijiki seaweed side dish by kurumicooks easy tasty healthy Jpanese Asian and Fusion cooking and food for you kitchen

Here's a very traditional Japanese side dish that uses a seaweed common in East Asia but (as far as I know) nowhere else - it's called hijiki. You can buy hijiki in most Japanese and Chinese food stores, as well as health food shops, in its dried form. As with other seaweeds, there's a lot to like about hijiki nutritionally - it's high in magnesium, iron, calcium and iodine and is full of dietary fibre. I should point out that it does also contain traces of arsenic but you would need to it in very large quantities for it to be harmful to your health! This dish is vegetarian friendly but it does contain dashi stock, so if you wish to make it vegan friendly, you will need to produce your own vegan dashi stock - if you want a recipe for that, just click vegan stock. There's also a Youtube video tutorial vegan stock, if you want to take a look. As for simmered hijiki, you can find the written recipe by clicking Simmered Hijiki and the Youtube tutorial at Simmered Hijiki. This would make a healthful lunch paired with a bowl of rice and miso soup!

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.

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