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An Autumnal Miso Soup.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Looking out of the window this morning, it's misty and the leaves on the trees are turning into a chequerboard of faded greens and browns - I think autumn has arrived! I still have some of the Japanese pumpkins I grew (that most autumnal of vegetables), so I thought iId put one of them to good use in a warming miso soup paired with some green beans.

I know there's a fashion for cooks now to blend the pumpkin flesh into the soup but I prefer the "old school" way of preparing this dish, leaving the kabocha in chunks to enjoy its texture. Other than that, it's very a simple dish to prepare - dashi stock, miso and green beans - and very quick - your soup will be ready in 15 mins from the get go. This soup could make a quick, nutricious lunch with a bowl of rice or you could combine it with other dishes for a more substantial dinner. You can find the recipe by clicking Miso soup with Kabocha and Green beans and the simple video tutorial is above or click rMiso soup with Kabocha and Green beans.

Happy cooking! Kurumi XXXX.

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