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Tamagoyaki and Shiso Uramaki.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Tamagoyaki Japanese sweet omelette and nori seaweed with shiso in an uramaki inside out california sushi roll with white seame by kurumicooks healthy easy to make delicious Japanese Asian and Fusion cooking for your kitchen

Here's my latest uramaki "inside-out" sushi roll. This is my version of an uramaki that my son makes at the sushi bar where he currently works - uramaki, or California roll as they are also known, is a rather clever ploy - with the nori on the inside, you can prepare an uramaki earlier without worrying about the nori discolouring or splitting - so a longer shelf like (next time you pass the sushi counter in a supermarket, take a look at what is on the shelf and my guess is, it will mostly be uramaki rolls.

Anyway, back to the recipe - the filling is simple: Japanese sweet omelette and shiso leaves. It's a great taste combination and it's become one of my favourite types of sushi roll - easy to make, easy on the pocket and no worries about raw fish! Apart from the omelette and shiso, the only other ingredients are the nori seaweed, sushi rice and sesame seeds. Personally, I don't like too much sesame on these rolls - just enough so that you can taste the sesame - too much sesame and it tends to overpower the quite delicate shiso flavour.

You could serve this with, perhaps, some miso soup and a vegetable dish - a roll cut into 6 pieces each for a lunch for two, or two rolls each for a dinner set will satisfy most appetites.

As with all sushi roll recipes, if you haven't tried this before, I encourage you to to a look at the Youtube video to get a visual impression of how to roll your sushi.

If you want to try this out, you can find the Youtube tutorial Tamagoyaki and Shiso California Rolls or scroll to the bottom of the page. The written recipe is just below.

Happy rolling! Kurumi XXXX.

If you want to try out a different uramaki roll recipe, why not try my Salmon and Avocado California rolls?


Tamagoyaki and Shiso Uramaki rolls.


(makes 2 rolls)

1 sheet of nori, cut in half longways

200g cooked sushi rice (wet weight - see my recipe, “how to make sushi rice”)

4 egg japanese egg omelette (see my recipe, “how to make Japanese sweet omelette”)

1 heaped tbsp toasted white sesame seeds

1 sushi mat wrapped with cling film

2 tbsp rice vinegar in 100ml water

3 shiso leaves, rinsed


how to:

place the shiso leaves one on top of another, trim off the stalks, then slice the leaves in half

place a 1/2 sheet of nori on your rolling mat, take up 1/2 the sushi rice in your hand & gently spread the sushi rice over the nori (you can use a spatula to do this if you prefer - just be careful not to split the nori). fill in any little spaces to get a uniform bed of rice

sprinkle 1/2 the sesame seeds over the rice, then turn the nori sheet over so that the rice is on the mat and the nori uppermost

place 3 shiso 1/2 leaves on the nori in a line toward the bottom of the sheet

cut the egg into index finger width strips then place the strips on the shiso leaves

to roll, steady the egg with your middle and ring fingers,. using your thumbs and index fingers, roll the mat over to form your roll. squeeze the mat gently with your fingers to compact the shape

to cut the sushi roll, dip a sharp knife into the vinegar water, remove the edges of the roll,

wet your knife again to stop it sticking and cut the roll into 6 pieces


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