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Kombu Tsukudani.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Japanese seaweed kombu tsukudani simmered side dish by kurumicooks easy tasty healthy Japanese Asian and fusion food and cooking for your kitchen

OK, first things first. What is tsukudani?

Answer: Tsukudani is a cooking technique that involves simmering ingredients in a soy & mirin solution until the liquor has almost evaporated.

Tskudani is a great way of creating a very concentrated umami flavour. But originally, tsukudani was used as a method of preserving foods in the days before refridgeration. Nowadays, kombu is the most common form of tsukudani but you can also use the technique with other ingredients. This is also a great way to "recycle" kelp that you've already used once to make Japanese dashi stock - and kelp is so good for you so that it's such a shame to throw it away. As I said, tsukudani creates a very rich flavour so a little goes a long way. My recipe makes enough for 2-4 people to be eaten as a side dish part of a meal along with other dishes. Once you've made your kombu tsukudani, just top a bowl of steamed rice with a heaped teaspoon and enjoy!

You can find the written recipe by clicking Kombu Tsukudani. Alternatively, click Kombu Tsukudani for the Youtube tutorial.

Happy simmering! Kurumi XXXX.

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