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Kurumi's Halloween Croquettes.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

With Halloween not far away, I thought I would post another recipe on a Halloween theme.

Last week, I posted a recipe for Halloween gyoza. This recipe is for Halloween croquettes.

Like the gyoza, these croquettes are made with pumpkin rather than potato because it is Halloween!

These Halloween croquettes make a great starter or party finger food or you can combine them as part of a sit down meal with other dishes. The pumpkin I used here is a variant called "kuri kabocha" in Japan. (That translates as "chestnut pumpkin" in English). The Japanese liken this pumpkin to the chestnut because the flesh is quite dry and dense - like a chestnut.

The reason I love kuri kabocha is that they have a delicious, sweet taste. You can find kuri kabocha in Asian food stores and some supermarket chains also stock them in season.

You can turn out these croquettes in under 30 mins - deep frying time is 1 min or less as the pumpkin is cooked in the microwave first. Try these out - I am sure you will love the taste!

You can find the Youtube tutorial by clicking Halloween Croquettes.

Happy Halloween! Kurumi XXXX.

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